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THANKS to Larkin Group St. George Real Estate Clients!

by Jeremy Larkin


As I write this post I am officially sinking into “Holiday Mode”, listening to Josh Groban’s “Noel” album, and of course gazing out my window onto St. George Boulevard and the fall colors.


Getting into “Holiday mode” is not so much an “event” for me, but rather a “process.” It begins right after Halloween when the sadistic retailers start cramming Christmas down our throats. We all saw we hate it, but secretly I love to see the Christmas stuff go up!



In late November I start to run into Christmas music on various radio stations and the day before Thanksgiving (today), I always “let go” and play my own stuff at the office. Thanksgiving festivities, Black Friday sales and the St. George temperatures, colors and blue skies carry us into December and then Holiday mode is undeniable.


But I digress…


My family eats, I pay my bills, drive a vehicle, enjoy my bicyle and even occasionally vacation – all because of our amazing St. George Real Estate clients who allow us to help them buy, sell, invest in, or simply discuss all things real estate.


In this industry I am BOMBARDED daily with bad news, talk of foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, bankruptcies, and more. I am just grateful for our loyal clients and the business we enjoy because of them. I know that the Holidays don’t put an end to any of our misery, sufferings or trials, but they bring with them an unmistakable spirit of good will and love.


All my best to you and yours this season and into 2010.



Avanyu - 240 Acre Distress Sale Hurricane, UT

by Jeremy Larkin

It is VERY rare that I will place one of our properties in the blog feed - it's kind of a  "no-no" to do alot of straightup "advertising" in the blogoshpere, but I'm making an exception this time.

There is a LONG story behind this property but let me summariize it up like this:

  • 240-acre Parcel against Hurricane Cliffs
  • Zoned for 1300 units...the highest density EVER APPROVED in Washington County
  • Master planned in an OVER THE TOP fashion by a group called "HOK" out of Chicago - these guys are the best of the best.
  • Laid out for homes, upscale multi-family and commercial, all according to highest "green" standards available
  • KILLER DEAL but my clients whom I am very close to are in some serious financial pain trying to hold on to it as this is not their core business

Here is where it really gets painful. It is now listed for $6.9 million. They had lookers at nearly 4x that.......OUCH. See my last blog post about "manning up" on your list price HERE.

For a "big hitter", developer or other wise, this is an amazing opportunity, but it will certainly require holding power. If you know anyone who may know someone else who may be interested in this parcel, get me their phone and/or email immdiately. Who would this be? That uncle, friend, former boss who says "my ______ knows this dude who is a major player in real estate development and...." - that is the person!

If you didn't watch the video yet, do so now - it is gorgeous!

You can avoid reality, but you can't avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.

-Ayn Rand

Hey let's just have a frank little chat here: The "down" real estate market has been going on for 3 or 4 years now, yet alot of St. George Sellers are talking like this wave just hit us. Grief!

As a St. George area homeowner (a.k.a. future St. George Seller), I will be the first to say "I GET IT!" I get your pain, your frustration and dissappointment with what "could have been" and what certainly "was" in terms of market values for a short period of time. VERY short.

As a Seller, if you want to win the prize in this current market may need to get really courageous and set the "new market price" in your neighborhood. Yes, that means the LOWEST price anyone has seen in that area since 2003 or 2004.

In today's video I talk about the benefits of doing so and the potentially COSTLY consequences of not doing so. St. George Sellers are learning, but the learning curve has been slow and alot of owners have paid a steep price for that curve.

Man up!


St. George Home Buyers! $6500 Tax Credit for Homeowners of 5+ Yrs

by Jeremy Larkin

The Home Buyer's Tax Credit is back with a vengeance. Formerly just for those purchasing their first homes, the credit has now been expanded to homeowners who have been in the home they are currently vacating or selling for 5+ years.

The Key Points: (so you can look smart at the watercooler, church, etc)

  • $8000.00 Tax Credit for FIRST TIME BUYERS (first home ever or have not owned primary for 3 years) extended into 2010
  • $6500.00 Tax Credit ADDED to the mix for current homeowners who have been in their current primary residence (not investment home) for 5+ yrs. This is KILLER for those who have been eying currently sweet deals thinking about moving "up", "down" or "over" in this market
  • For EITHER credit you must have your home purchase "under contract" by April 30, 2010 and it must be closed by July 1, 2010.
  • Income limits have been increased - up to $125k for a single buyer or up to $225k income for married couples
  • Home purchases OVER $800k do not qualify
  • As before, neither of the credits ever need to be paid back - FREE MONEY!

I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of the world on the fact that our Government is leveraging our lives away with these federally sponsored bailouts, etc, but it doesn't change the fact that these programs: #1 - exist, and that #2 - people would be complete idiots for not taking advantage of the great opportunties they create.


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