St. George Luxury Home values have been a hot topic of many a discussion since the wild RISE, then subsequent FALL of St. George real estate values over the time period of roughly 2003 to mid-2011.

A real factor in the real estate value roller coaster ride of the St. George luxury home market has been the major pain and suffering felt in the real estate markets of other foreclosure-stricken states that were “feeders” of Buyers to the St. George luxury home market – California, Nevada, even as far away as Florida.

Those states saw similarly INSANE rises in real estate values, came out to Utah’s Dixie and said, “are you KIDDING me? These St. George luxury homes are a FRACTION of what I would have paid back home….I’m in!” And the bought…and bought, and bought and bought. When those Buyers started seeing the crash in their own markets, they just stopped coming!

St. George luxury home Buyers are no different than those anywhere else. Saavy, experienced, and slow to make a big $$ play on a home when they see the market dropping like crazy. Fortunately St. George real estate values have stabilized in the past 6-12 months and with rapidly shrinking housing inventories, we may soon see legitimate appreciation again….but be patient.

In this video shot in the St. George luxury enclave of "The Woods at Valley View", Jeremy Larkin discusses an improving St. George Luxury Home Market and the trends and home buying habits that got us to this point. Stay tuned for more on the continuing saga of the St. George luxury home market.