Were you one of those THOUSANDS of nice people we saw caught in a 4-mile traffic jam outside the new St. George, Utah replacement airport? You certainly weren't alone!

Evidently the bumper to bumper traffic stretched 4 full miles from the new Airport back to the River Rd / SR-7 (new beltway) interchange - yikes! What this really means is that the community totally embraced what truly is remarkable news: The St. George Airport is now (really) capable of commerical JET SERVICE.

You've probably seen private jets in and out of there for years. The reason they can do it is that they're: a. small, and b. not loaded with 50 passengers.

It's overdue. The old airport from my childhood was described as landing an an "aircraft carrier" by airline industry people. I gotta tell you - this new place is fantastic, even if we DIDN'T get into the grand opening!

We managed to take a random dirt road on the Little Valley side of the airport, did some 4-wheeling and ended up with fantastic "tailgate party" seats to watch the F-16 flyover as well as the first 2 jets taking offer from the airport.

We also heard the full grand opening ceremony on 1450 AM. Mayor Dan McArthur and City Manager Gary Esplin shared fantastic history, and Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (lifetime commercial pilot) gave an incredible dedicatory prayer.

Since we did NOT get inside, here's a fantastic video the City of St. George produced of the full interior.

Take a drive out and give the new St. George airport a look - you'll be glad you did. Here are directions on how to get there: Driving Direcitions to St. George municipal airport.