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Market Stinks but Keller Williams St. George up 19.6%

by Jeremy Larkin

The nice thing about numbers is that they rarely lie.

If you are a Buyer or Seller, or intend on sometime being a Buyer or Seller, or simply enjoy staying up on the Real Estate market, you will find the following information extremely intriguing.

I am going to take a very brief moment to share with you some information that may seem a bit like "bragging", but it.........ok, it is.

-Total WCBR (Washington County Board) Closed units (Single Family Residence & Townhomes/Condos) in 2007 - 5459
-Total WCBR Closed units (Single Family Residence & Townhomes/Condos) 2008 - 3759
Closed units from 2007 to 2008 in Washington County were down 31%
-Total Keller Williams closed units 2007-335
-Total Keller Williams closed units 2008-417
Closed units for Keller Williams Realty St. George were up 19.6%

Yes, my sentiments exactly (get it? Holy.....Cow...?)

But before I give our local office too much credit, I should point out this headline that  I just saw today:  "Keller Williams Realty Bucks National Business Trends During the Toughest Real Estate Market on Record."   Click on that link and you can read it for yourself!
Any of my clients and friends will tell you that I have never been one to encourage a Buyer or Seller to select any one Agent due to their affiliation with a specific brokerage. The reason for that is quite simple: you could hire a really incredible agent at "Uncle Bob's Backwoods Realty" or get a really crappy agent from From ReMax, Coldwell Banker or, of course, Keller Williams Realty.
That said, these figure are tremendous and say something about this company considering the overriding economic conditions in our country.
If you wonder "why" we have achieved this, I can only attribute it to one thing: EDUCATION. I simplly have not seen another local or national real estate firm that places as much emphasis on education.

No, not this kind of agent....

This means the Buyers and Sellers who work with Keller Williams agents are likely to get someone who has really been educated on the business of real estate and not on the latest "trick close" at a sales seminar.
Case closed.

St. George Employment forecast: Steady to Increasing

by Jeremy Larkin

Wow, a hint of positive least for Utah's Dixie. In an article released this morning by the Associated Press, St. George, Utah, Ithaca, N.Yand Fairbanks, Alaska are among the handful of the nation's 363 metropolitan areas expected to see employment remain flat or increase slightly.

New York, Los Angeles and Miami are forecast to get hit hard.

If this holds true, it confirms a conversation I had Saturday while out with a couple from SLC searching for a 2nd home (which will eventulally become their primary). The question was posed, "what do you think is going to happen with the market?........I am personally surprised that this area hasn't been hit harder."

First, I agree and I, too am suprised at the resiliancy of Southern Utah. That said, my answer to "why" this is has everything to do with qualify of life. Yes, people are losing jobs here and moving elsewhere, but it is pretty easy to pick up and leave many of the so-called cities (a.k.a."hellholes) when things get ugly.

But Dixie, on the other hand, is just a wonderful place to be, live, visit, drive, BREATHE, etc. (see: "Wasatch Front Inversions...")

"Escape to St. George".....

We have not stopped growing in this economic downturn - people keep coming (for better or worse). Why? Quality........Of............Life. And now that real estate values are coming back into line with reality it just makes this area that much more appealing.

Eat your heart out big city folks.....and we don't even have to pay to park!

Full article here:

Hoosiers amongst those doing "mods" to avoid foreclosure

by Jeremy Larkin

Not more than 1 year ago they would take your home from you 180 days to the day from your first missed payment.

Now it is typically taking MUCH longer and in many cases, the banks are coming up with all sorts of creative "loan modifications" to avoid taking back any more property and to allow the homeowner to stay put.

Call it a "band-aid" if you will.......

This is a bit of a throwback to a piece I wrote on Nov 11th about "at risk" borrowers. I found this piece today through who knows what channels. I think it is interesting because it is specific to one geographic area, but tells the story of what is going on nationwide.

Check it out here and share your opinion freely!


2009 Real Estate Kickoff - Here we go again.....

by Jeremy Larkin

My business (and this industry) is heavily steeped in annual goals, projections, figures, etc. The good part about that is that it keeps us focused. The bad part is that after a year like 2008 you get to wake up Jan 1 and say "should we do it again or just move to an island?"

....this looks better than selling real estate.....

The Larkin Group has elected to go at it again. After serving 32  buyers & sellers in 2008 I decided to throw caution to the wind and shoot really high in 2009: we've committed to 60 transactions in 2009. Why not, isn't this a great real estate cycle we're in? heheheh..

Promotional plug: What that really means is this: There will be thousands of real estate transactions in the St. George area this year and about 90% will involve licensed agents. The Larkin Group takes a sincere interest in the well-being of their clients as as such, I feel very strongly that our services and market knowlege merit at least 60 of those sides and those who choose to work with us will be VERY GLAD THEY DID.

The video below is our "welcome" to the 2009 real estate year and contains some great information regarding:

-Our monthly Foreclosure Tours

-Millionaire Real Estate Investor classes

-and a short, POSITIVE story for all of you out there who need some inspiration to get going this year after a hellish economic 2008. Check it out and stay tuned for next week's video: "Timing the Market," a critical subject for would-be buyers & investors.


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