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Most folks only think of Southern Utah as a "Sun-lover's" paradise...the "place where the summer sun spends the winter" as the old St. George slogan read. Well guess what? We've got world-class powder and high-elevation skiing less than 90 minutes from St. George!

In this video Jeremy Larkin introduces you to Brianhead Resort, the place he's been skiing since he was 12 years old, and where he now enjoys skiing and snowboarding with his OWN kids! This family-friendly ski destination is also gorgeous in the summer as it's about 30 degrees cooler than St. George, and offers widely affordable mountain real estate when compared with other US ski resorts.

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Turning Back Your St. George, Utah Sprinkler Clock

by Jeremy Larkin

It's fall in Dixie!! That means 2 things: 1. Lots of football, and 2. Tons of Southern Utah residents overwatering their lawns. In this quick video, Jeremy Larkin of the Larkin Group gives some time-tested advice about getting your St. George area sprinkler clocks turned back, spoken as a life-time local who know a bit about Southern Utah lawns.


Because your SICK of all the "CANNED" Holiday Greetings......

by Jeremy Larkin


Seriously...who isn't? The best is when you get a random Holiday greeting at some ABSURD hour that was obviously sent out through some robot email service...."Thanks for the sincere wishes!" Right. 

So I thought I'd send out friends, clients and associates something of value...the most gorgeous picture of St. George this time of year EVER produced!

The Larkin Group Fall in Dixie

The Story

Some of you know the story, but we originally had a similar photo taken in 2004 by a friend,  Larry Gardner from this same spot. He called it, "Falling In Love With Dixie". The quality was average, colors not as moving. It was taken immediately following a November rain storm. 

For years I watched the weather hoping to get a better shot. In November of 2009 it rained like crazy and then the clouds started to part. I saw this from our (then) St. George Boulevard Office window....and thought, "this is it!"

I dialed SUPER-Photographer Danny Lee, ( and said "DANNY I NEED YOU! Are you in town?" And the rest, as they say, is history. This picture now graces all of our Larkin Group branding as well as my office wall in a 36" x 60" format on a huge slab of clear acrylic...very cool. 

Jeremy Larkin

So there's a story, AND a pretty picture to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. And the reality is, I think most of us have a lot to be thankful for!

Best to you and yours this Holiday Season!


PS - If you'd like a digital copy, reply to this email and your wish will be my command. 



Ironman St. George Becomes 70.3 St. George

by Jeremy Larkin

Ironman St. George….70.3 St. George?!?! Yes, I know it’s all very confusing if you haven’t been in or around the sport of Triathlon, so here’s the long (and 50% shorter) version.

After this week’s 3rd annual Ironman St. George race, Ironman International has decided to convert the race from a full 140.6 mile Ironman event to a shorter, 70.3 mile ½ Ironman. “70.3” is the official branding amongst Triathlon enthusiasts…it just sounds better than ½. Who wants to do, or be…1/2 of anything?!?!? Not many, but the 70.3 event will be KILLER I assure you.

The Ironman St. George course is TOUGH. Arguably the toughest on the planet. This has been part of the event’s Achilles heel. Add to that the fact that they added another full Ironman event last year in Woodlands, Texas…that falls just 14 days after this one, and they essentially cannibalized the St. George race!

Politics aside, St. George can be very successful with the Ironman 70.3 event. They draw more athletes, are easier to complete for said athletes, and create less of an impact on local traffic.

Personally, as a lifetime St. George local who has ridden or run every section of the course, and as an Ironman St. George Volunteer Captain who’s seen the pain up close for 2 years, I might actually attempt the 70.3 whereas I had told my group of local buddies that Ironman St. George may not be in the cards for me with a heavy workload, small kids, etc, etc, blah, blah. I can wrap my mind around 70.3….140.6? OUCH!

Let me close with these thoughts for those naysayers who think this race has “failed.”

  •   Ironman St. George has been known as one of the most scenic, if not the MOST scenic in the international circuit.
  •  The local volunteer group has been widely heralded by both Ironman Officials and athletes alike as the finest they’ve ever seen. We have a tradition of giving back in St. George and Utah as a whole. This change certainly didn’t have anything to do with a lack of community support.
  • The Ironman St. George course is just plain tough, AND it happens to fall in early May which gives athletes very little time to prepare after colds of winter.
  •   This decision was made at the Ironman CORPORATE level, not any local level. Our community has embraced it, and will continue to embrace it in the new Ironman 70.3 format. I guarantee it.

In honor of the final year of the full 140.6 mile Ironman St. George, check out this classic video we shot year 1 about the Ironman St. George course showcasing St. George’s Historic District. If you’re still interested in volunteering, (which is a TOTAL BLAST), reach out to me via email: and we’ll have you join us for the 2012 Ironman St. George.

Fall in Utah's Dixie

by Jeremy Larkin

No Spring nor Summer Beauty hath such grace As I have seen in one Autumnal face.                                                                                                     -John Donne

Fall in Utah’s Dixie. How INCREDIBLE is it?  Born and raised here in Utah’s Dixie, my brother and I have always referred to St. George Fall weather as, ‘Chamber of Commerce Weather. ’ You know - that weather that sells just about anyone who visits this place we call “home.”

Fall in Utah's Dixie

If you’re “not from around these parts” you may be asking, what in the world is Utah’s Dixie?!  Or perhaps you ARE from around here, but never really understood the full meaning. It has NOTHING to do with Confederate soldiers I assure you.

Utah’s Dixie is the local nickname for St. George, Utah and surrounding areas. Long story short, the name Dixie was given to the area by early Mormon Settlers who were, A - Growing Cotton (as was done in the deep South); and B - And doing so in the DEEP SOUTH of Utah!

Hence, the name Utah’s Dixie. But I digress…..

I’m always amazed at how PERFECT our Thanksgiving Weather is every year i. I’ve probably not done my due diligence in checking a St. George weather almanac, but I can scarcely remember a time when:

  • It wasn’t sunny and 60 degrees
  • And we didn’t end up in short sleeves throwing a football in front of Mom’s house. (in between napping off our Turkey dinners or watching football)

What am I saying? We have it pretty good in good ol’ Utah’s Dixie.

The "Scoop" behind the “Fall in Utah's Dixie” photo above

Fellow St. George local Larry Gardner originally shot a similar photo to what you see on the front of this card some  8 years ago immediately after a November rain storm. He aptly named it “Fall(in’) in Love with Dixie” and allowed us to use it in our marketing.

A most people know, the landscape of Utah’s Dixie changed dramatically over the next few years of our record St. George Real Estate boom. I just HAD to get an updated photo of downtown St. George!

On a very similar November day in 2008 I commissioned local Photographer Danny Lee ( to take an updated shot following ANOTHER Fall rain storm. I literally called him last minute and said, “HURRY! You’re gonna miss it!”  It has now become an integral part of the Larkin Group brand as our ‘main’ photo at our site, as well as in many other locations. 

​Why do we LOVE this photo like we do? 

Growing up, I lived in 3 different homes along a 2-block strip of 600 East in downtown St. George. It's right there in the "Fall in Utah's Dixie" photo, you just can't see it! The typical marketing photo of St. George is always some red rock slab, yet that's not what I relate to my childhood. This photo really represents what growing up in downtown St. George "felt" like to me. 

We printed and mailed over 500 copies of this “Fall in Utah’s Dixie” photo to our friends and clients today – specifically formatted without any logos or other interruptions on the front so you can enjoy our amazing Southwestern Fall scenery year-round should you choose – frame it, post on a bulletin board, the fridge, whatever.

Wherever you are during this Holiday, here’s to a GORGEOUS Autumn and phenomenal, food and laughter-filled Thanksgiving. As for me? I’ll be enjoying Fall in Utah’s Dixie. 

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