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5 New Year's Resolutions for Homeowners

by Jeremy Larkin

Here's a great way to start the year right for homeowners! Call us at 435-767-9821 or shoot us an email with questions.


Avoid Costly Second Home Purchase Mistakes

by Jeremy Larkin

Buying a second home is a dream of many and it's easy to fantasize about vacationing whenever you want or becoming a landlord and earning income from your vacation property. “Hey, everyone is buying homes and putting them on, I think I will too!” It’s not quite that easy. :)
Hire professional who is familiar with local laws, neighborhoods and restrictions before making your second or vacation home purchase.

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Why #2016 was NOT #theworst for #TheLarkinGroup!

by Jeremy Larkin

Lots of folks talking about #2016 being #theworst. Oh yeah? #TheLarkinGroup begs to differ! In addition to the opportunity to live in one of the greatest communities on the planet, you helped us serve a record of nearly 200 families buy and sell St. George Real Estate! Here's to another great year. :)

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We just sold this (beautiful) Serenity Hills home in St. George's most popular area, Little Valley for the Reber family - amazing people! While it seems like it would have been an "easy sale", it was competing with newer Crafstman style homes that have taken Little Valley by storm.

Jeremy Larkin discusses how some subtle and inexpensive updates made the difference that led to a fast and profitable sale for the Rebers!

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7 Surefire Tips to Fix Up a Foreclosure

by Jeremy Larkin

A foreclosure home is often in need of TLC. Get tips on easy low-cost remodelling projects that can turn an unfortunate situation into a tidy profit! Feel free to reach out to us directly for other great home staging tips OR any questions about St. George Real Estate. 435-767-9821

Home Staging for Top Dollar

by Jeremy Larkin
You’ve probably heard how important proper home staging is to selling your home for the most money. Here are some great tips to help you do that! Call us at 435-767-9821 or shoot us an email with questions.

Is Having Pest Control Really that Important?

by Carson Hunt, H&H Pest Control

Most St. George home owners look at pest control like they look at a medical problem. You look at your situation and decided do I need to go to the Emergency Room, or is this something I can handle by myself. So, you examine your finger and decided to clean it up and put a band aid on. No matter the medical issue, you're going to make your decisions based on a few details: Can I fix it myself? How serious is it? And, what will it cost me? When choosing a pest control service we tend to use that same logic. Here are a few reasons why that doesn't work:

I can fix it myself.

With google and youtube so easily accessible, its easy to turn to these sources when we see a pest crawling around in our home or property. We go searching for some answers. While it is a great resource to learn some great things, and you might have some success, you may be likely setting yourself up for misery.

We don't know how bad the problem is.

Lets say you break your arm.  It's pretty easy to say, "I think I need someone to fix this."  Its easy to see that its beyond your control and it's hard to fix your own broken arm. Even with a medical problem it is easy to underestimate how serious the situation is. Seeing one cockroach could mean there is a whole family living in your walls in your home. The point is, unless you are a professional, its hard to know how much of a problem you have and sometimes it can be too late.


“The circus is NOT coming to town!”

Pest control is a preventative procedure.

Don't wait until you know for sure that your pest problem is beyond serious.  Finding out that termites have been eating your home and property for years is the worst possible way to deal with that problem. Putting down a few cockroach traps here and there may catch a few, but can leave hundreds still living in the walls of your home, spreading illness in their wake. The best way to deal with pests in your home is to call a professional, like H&H Pest Management. Professionals know the habits of these pesky pests and know how to stop them.

Start guarding your home, your St. George property and protect your family from invasive pests. Call H&H Pest Management to help,  888.471.3275! or at



Watching for Signs of Pest Problems

by Carson Hunt, H&H Pest Control

While some pests are obvious to notice in or around your property, many others are more subtle and some are not even seen at all.  But there is good news! Even the most sneaky of pests will leave a trail of evidence of their presence, but you will need to be looking.  So, before you start to worry about what could be hiding, now is the time to get educated so you can spot signs of a pest problem.

Why its a good idea to find pests sooner than later...

As time goes on, overlooking or simply not knowing a pest infestation exists, the infestation will get worse and will become more of a threat to you, your family, and your property.  Depending on the pest that has taken up residence on your property, you could end up with extensive and costly damages, the spread of harmful bacteria, food contamination, and sometimes even illness spread to your family.

Here are a few tips to help you identify pests sooner than later...


  • Wood that appears to be buckling, swollen or even appear to be water damaged.
  • Discarded wings, either inside or outside.
  • Mud tubes around the property.

Bed Bugs

  • Inspect box springs and bed frame for live or dead bugs.
  • Blood spots on sheets.
  • Empty tan colored skins that are left behind when bed bugs shed their skins to molt into the next stage.


If you notice any of these signs or any other signs of an infestation, please contact H&H Pest Management 888.471.3275  right away! While these pesky pests may be hard to find, they will leave clues behind so that you can have the problem resolved right away to avoid further problems.


For more information about termites and other wood-destroying pests in the St. George area, contact H&H Pest Control at 888-471-3275 or at

Use "Mini-Staging" to Sell Your Home Faster

by Jeremy Larkin


Hi. I’m Jeremy Larkin and you’re watching Go St. George TV.

Hey everybody. Jeremy Larkin here, CEO of the Larkin Group, Director of Home Sales. I’m in a vacant home. You’re saying, “What is this?” Please forgive the poor quality video. One of the conversations we have often is about the idea of staging.

We know from statistics that a staged home sells on average across the country four percent faster – excuse me, up to four percent more money and significantly faster. This is a home in Hurricane City that we sold in four days, full price, cash offer.

Now it’s in a price point that’s fairly competitive. But I want to tell you what we did. We did what’s called a mini stage. A mini stage is where we come in and we take a vacant home and our home stager comes in and places some of these cute, colorful staging items on all countertops, kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room, just to give it a little bit of flavor and help the home stand out. We have other real estate agents who are showing their buyers tell us it makes a big difference.

The other option, you could fully stage your home. A typical home stage is $1500 to $2000 in the front end and then $500 a month thereafter.

So part of listing your home with the Larkin Group so we can get it sold is we include a two-hour consultation with our home staging consultant and that costs us money out of pocket. But if your home is vacant, she’s going to come in here and do a mini stage. I will show you the …

So here we are in the master bathroom. Again, some clean, fresh, white towels on there, plant there on the countertop and a couple of soap dispensers and what it really does is it causes the area to pop. It gives a little bit of character and we sold this home again in four days full price cash and the agent who brought the buyer said very helpful.

So again one of the ideas that you might want to consider especially with a vacant home if you’re getting ready to sell it is a mini stage like we’ve talked about out here in Fox Hollow at Hurricane. It could make a huge difference in your home looking like just another vanilla box and maybe something kind of cool.

Until next time, I’m Jeremy Larkin. If you have any questions, reach out to us online 24/7. We will be happy to answer them, saying we know this town.

Best and Worst Home Renovations

by Jeremy Larkin

Working day in, day out in St. George Real Estate, we’re constantly asked by homeowners about the value and implications of certain home remodeling projects. The context is typically in reference to preparing their home for sale.

Should I redo my kitchen? Should I overhaul my master suite? What about swapping out all of my windows? Will any of this increase my Home Value?

So before you begin a major remodel prior to listing your St. George area home, check out our slide show below. Here’s a look at the BEST and WORST remodeling projects as far as “Return on Investment” goes for 2014 per

And if you still have questions, just give us a holler!

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