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8 Hacks for Hosting Thanksgiving at Home

by Jeremy Larkin


Thanksgiving is just around the corner.Check out these easy ways to save money, time, energy and make your Turkey Day a stress-free smashing success! Feel free to reach out to us directly for other great home staging tips OR any questions about St. George Real Estate. 435-767-9821


Home Staging for Top Dollar

by Jeremy Larkin
You’ve probably heard how important proper home staging is to selling your home for the most money. Here are some great tips to help you do that! Call us at 435-767-9821 or shoot us an email with questions.

Is Having Pest Control Really that Important?

by Carson Hunt, H&H Pest Control

Most St. George home owners look at pest control like they look at a medical problem. You look at your situation and decided do I need to go to the Emergency Room, or is this something I can handle by myself. So, you examine your finger and decided to clean it up and put a band aid on. No matter the medical issue, you're going to make your decisions based on a few details: Can I fix it myself? How serious is it? And, what will it cost me? When choosing a pest control service we tend to use that same logic. Here are a few reasons why that doesn't work:

I can fix it myself.

With google and youtube so easily accessible, its easy to turn to these sources when we see a pest crawling around in our home or property. We go searching for some answers. While it is a great resource to learn some great things, and you might have some success, you may be likely setting yourself up for misery.

We don't know how bad the problem is.

Lets say you break your arm.  It's pretty easy to say, "I think I need someone to fix this."  Its easy to see that its beyond your control and it's hard to fix your own broken arm. Even with a medical problem it is easy to underestimate how serious the situation is. Seeing one cockroach could mean there is a whole family living in your walls in your home. The point is, unless you are a professional, its hard to know how much of a problem you have and sometimes it can be too late.


“The circus is NOT coming to town!”

Pest control is a preventative procedure.

Don't wait until you know for sure that your pest problem is beyond serious.  Finding out that termites have been eating your home and property for years is the worst possible way to deal with that problem. Putting down a few cockroach traps here and there may catch a few, but can leave hundreds still living in the walls of your home, spreading illness in their wake. The best way to deal with pests in your home is to call a professional, like H&H Pest Management. Professionals know the habits of these pesky pests and know how to stop them.

Start guarding your home, your St. George property and protect your family from invasive pests. Call H&H Pest Management to help,  888.471.3275! or at



Use "Mini-Staging" to Sell Your Home Faster

by Jeremy Larkin


Hi. I’m Jeremy Larkin and you’re watching Go St. George TV.

Hey everybody. Jeremy Larkin here, CEO of the Larkin Group, Director of Home Sales. I’m in a vacant home. You’re saying, “What is this?” Please forgive the poor quality video. One of the conversations we have often is about the idea of staging.

We know from statistics that a staged home sells on average across the country four percent faster – excuse me, up to four percent more money and significantly faster. This is a home in Hurricane City that we sold in four days, full price, cash offer.

Now it’s in a price point that’s fairly competitive. But I want to tell you what we did. We did what’s called a mini stage. A mini stage is where we come in and we take a vacant home and our home stager comes in and places some of these cute, colorful staging items on all countertops, kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room, just to give it a little bit of flavor and help the home stand out. We have other real estate agents who are showing their buyers tell us it makes a big difference.

The other option, you could fully stage your home. A typical home stage is $1500 to $2000 in the front end and then $500 a month thereafter.

So part of listing your home with the Larkin Group so we can get it sold is we include a two-hour consultation with our home staging consultant and that costs us money out of pocket. But if your home is vacant, she’s going to come in here and do a mini stage. I will show you the …

So here we are in the master bathroom. Again, some clean, fresh, white towels on there, plant there on the countertop and a couple of soap dispensers and what it really does is it causes the area to pop. It gives a little bit of character and we sold this home again in four days full price cash and the agent who brought the buyer said very helpful.

So again one of the ideas that you might want to consider especially with a vacant home if you’re getting ready to sell it is a mini stage like we’ve talked about out here in Fox Hollow at Hurricane. It could make a huge difference in your home looking like just another vanilla box and maybe something kind of cool.

Until next time, I’m Jeremy Larkin. If you have any questions, reach out to us online 24/7. We will be happy to answer them, saying we know this town.

Best and Worst Home Renovations

by Jeremy Larkin

Working day in, day out in St. George Real Estate, we’re constantly asked by homeowners about the value and implications of certain home remodeling projects. The context is typically in reference to preparing their home for sale.

Should I redo my kitchen? Should I overhaul my master suite? What about swapping out all of my windows? Will any of this increase my Home Value?

So before you begin a major remodel prior to listing your St. George area home, check out our slide show below. Here’s a look at the BEST and WORST remodeling projects as far as “Return on Investment” goes for 2014 per

And if you still have questions, just give us a holler!

America's Housing Styles

by Jeremy Larkin







6 Steps to Building a Home

by Jeremy Larkin




Conquering Clutter: Time to Reorganize Your Home For The New Year?

by Jeremy Larkin

Something about the new year always motivates me to get pretty darn serious about reorganazing my St. George home...for a few weeks at least :). That's where my amazing wife comes in, a total and complete stalwart of organziation who keeps the family on task year-round. 

Check out our latest infographic on "conquering clutter" as you reorganize your home moving into the new year. It's not only fun to look at, but this home decluttering guide offers other benefits:


  • Decluttering your home INCREASES your home's value
  • You've got some stuff lying around that you are JUST NOT USING that would be greatly enjoyed by a less fortunate family - donate it to your local Deseret Industries, Catholic Thrift store or other favorite charity!
  • And finally, and perhaps most important, it will have you feeling a LOT better every time you walk into your home!


Larkin Home Organization


And since it's on many St. George Homeowners' minds this time of year, check out what your St. George home might sell for as we move into 2015 by clicking HERE. 

Most Festive Celebrity Homes (Is yours on the list?)

by Jeremy Larkin

As you wind down the year with some Holiday parties in your home, you might find yourself trying to keep up with the "Joneses"...Have you considered keeping up with CELEBRITIES as well? We hope not, but here's a snapshot of some of the most festive Celebrity homes this Holiday season in case you want to go to those lengths.  As for our family, we're already taking it down to get ready for NEXT YEAR!

Along with some of those celebrity home festivity highlights, you'll be blown away by how much cold hard CASH Americans are spending on Holiday Decor? Kind of scary. 

Wishing your family a very Happy New Year to you from the Larkin Group here at Keller Williams Realty St. George!


For a quick checkup on your St. George home's value as we move into 2014, click below!

Redneck Holiday Decor: A Merry Hillbilly Christmas!

by Jeremy Larkin

Who doesn't enjoy a little Redneck spin on decorating for the Holidays? Get your home decor "just right" this Holiday with some of our favorites including the Red Party Cub "suspension lamp" and shotgun shell Holiday Wreath!

If you're looking for some more safe and "traditional" home decor tips for this Christmas season, be sure to check out our other info graphic, "10 Steps to the Best Decorated Home For The Holidays."

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