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7 Surefire Tips to Fix Up a Foreclosure

by Jeremy Larkin

A foreclosure home is often in need of TLC. Get tips on easy low-cost remodelling projects that can turn an unfortunate situation into a tidy profit! Feel free to reach out to us directly for other great home staging tips OR any questions about St. George Real Estate. 435-767-9821

Can I REALLY Purchase a St. George HUD Home for $100 Down?!

by Jeremy Larkin

St. George HUD homes may be just what the Doctor ordered for St. George Home Buyers (UTAH home Buyers actually) with great credit, steady employment, but who lack large down payment resources. 

HUD $100 Down Program

Since the beginning of home purchasing history, large down payment requirements have made home ownership a challenge for many otherwise qualified home buyers. While many believe that the recent St. George Real Estate boom, and subsequent BUST, hurt just about everyone, there are just as many, if not MORE, qualified Buyers who did NOT purchase a home in the boom, and subsequently damage their credit, etc, as there were those who DID.

In an effort to meet the needs of the current home buying marketplace, HUD is offering a $100 down payment on St. George HUD homes where offers are at or above current list price. 

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh so there’s a catch. I have to offer list price or ABOVE!” Before you get bent out of shape, let me assure you that 75% of St. George HUD homes are being listed BELOW market value! For instance, one of the Larkin Group’s personal St. George HUD home listings in Bloomington Hills was just reduced to $133,200 yesterday.  It’s a 5 bed, 3 bath, 3075 Basement home! That home will almost assuredly see a “bidding war” this week. See it here: Bloomington Hills HUD HOME. 

St. George HUD Home $100 Down Purchasing Requirements

  • Purchasers must be owner/occupants
  • Utilize FHA insured financing
  • Offer full list price or above
  • Any offers exceeding appraised value require the buyer to provide the additional funds at closing.

Remember that offering on a St. George HUD home is done much differently that what you’ve probably experienced in offering on other St. George foreclosures. The process is handed online via what we refer to as a “sealed bid”, so be sure to contact your FHA Lender or HUD approved Real Estate Agent for further information. 

As always, you’re welcome to use our FREE home search tool to search for other St. George HUD homes.

Santa Clara Heights Foreclosure Auction

by Jeremy Larkin

Foreclosure Auction. It’s tough to not click on the title like that, right?

This cute little Fannie Mae property will soon be sold via online Foreclosure Auction ( in coming weeks. Located in popular and scenic Santa Clara Heights, it will be a phenomenal Investment opportunity with BRAND NEW Carpet & Paint! The hillside location is awkward for some, but just what the Doctor ordered for others as it offers great views and cul-de-sac setting - ideal for families looking for peace, quiet and little to no traffic!

2602 Peach Circle Foreclosure Auction









Santa Clara Heights, affectionately known by locals as “the Heights”, is an incredibly popular and well-established area. Originally it was populated almost entirely by younger families, but over time has evolved into a location for all ages. Santa Clara Elementary is situation right in the heart of the heights, Lava Flow Intermediate to the Northwest, and Snow Canyon Middle / High Schools just East.

While in Santa Clara for the Foreclosure Auction, be sure to take a leisurely drive down good ol’ fashioned Santa Clara Drive, a tree-lined, idyllic strip winds through old Santa Clara City. And make sure to stop by Frei’s Fruit Market for some fresh peaches or even their home-made chips n’ salsa!

Flooring, foundation and flat work in this home show visible signs of cracking, settling or other structural issues. Buyer should be aware of these issues and do the proper research prior to submitting an online bid.

Pre Foreclosure Auction Public Open House Dates:

November 19th: 11-4 PM

November 20th: 11-4 PM

November 26th: 11-4 PM

Auction Date: ​12/9/11. To register and bid, click here: ​Santa Clara Heights Foreclosure Auction Registration

Obviously Buyers can take a run at any Foreclosure Auction with, or without a licensed Real Estate Professional on their team. Of course I’m going to tell you “with” – I’m a Realtor, right? But from a logical perspective, I wouldn’t make wild investments in companies or industries I didn’t’ know anything about. Why would a Buyer want to put $50, $100k or MORE into a piece of property without the representation of someone who does this Professionally...FULL TIME!?!?

Here’s a piece we wrote last year about the “what, where, when, and how” of these auctions: St. George Bank Foreclosure Auctions

That said, contact Michelle Evans of the Larkin / (435) 862-2320, for more details or information on Santa Clara Real Estate, or this Foreclosure Auction.


Dusting off the St. George REO "Speedwagon"

by Jeremy Larkin

St. George REO (an industry term for "Foreclosure) listings are through the ROOF if you haven't already noticed! After a long summer's slumber, (TOO DANG HOT!), the St. George Foreclosure Bus, a.k.a. the "St. George REO Speedwagon" is being dusted off and brought back into action.

Here's a short video clip from last season:

Tour Details:

We are running a total of 4 dates in October. This St. George REO tour is FREE and not to be missed by anyone looking to buy or invest in St. George real estate right now.

We typically view 6-8 homes in less than 3 hours. That part is fun, but the insights we can give on what the market is doing how the banks work their seemingly psychotic short sale & foreclosure programs is laid out in detail!

Registration & details here:

Look smarter than your friends....

Finally, as you may already know, and as we discussed in our report earlier this week, (read HERE), the Larkin Group lists and sells a fair volume of St. George REO / bank foreclosure properties. The good news? Our inventory is GROWING this fall and we will have even more properties for you to view prior to them ever being listed.

These unlisted St. George REO homes are the "holy grail" of real estate. I inserted a few new assets from this week below. We are more than happy to discuss them with you and schedule a private showing. Our full inventory is here: Larkin Group Listings.

Until next time, I'm loving this fall weather - how about you? As always, you're welcome to our FREE home search system to find other St. George REO's. 

If I had a dime for every time someone said to me, "hey if you find a killer deal or foreclosure that noone knows about, I'm interested, " well I'd be rich and wouldn't need to be selling real estate.  


The fact that they are unaware is probably my fault - stupid of me. But the fact of the matter is that every 7-10 days we send out the Larkin Group market report and it always contains:

1. Our new listings
2. Our new foreclosure listigns - BEFORE THEY ARE EVEN ON THE MARKET.
3. Our latest price reductions. Again, prior to most agents even being aware.

People: This info is PRICELESS! If I were a Buyer I'd KILL for it! So I guess all I can say attention?

If you are not on this list currently, click on this link: and choose "newsletter signup" on the right.

This Month in Real Estate: What's up with Foreclosures?

by Jeremy Larkin

St. George Bank Foreclosure Auctions

by Jeremy Larkin

Many friends and clients have asked me about getting a “hot deal” at bank foreclosure auctions, as well as what these auctions are “all about.” I guess showing is better than telling so I shot this short video for you….or them…..or maybe YOU are THEM? Either way, I think you’ll enjoy it.

When we talk about bank foreclosure auctions we are essentially talking about 2 different types:

1. Trustee’s Sales – These are the ones you see or hear about on the “Courthouse Steps.” They literally occur there…on the steps of the County Courthouse. To actively bid you really only have to:

A – Show up

B – Bring a $5000.00 cashier’s check along with you. If you are the winning bidder, you have to be ready to close in 24 hours.  You better dang well have cash in hand or funding available immediately.

2. Bank Auctions – Here in St. George these take place either at the actual property or in some other location such as the Convention Center or a Hotel meeting space.  You have seen signs around town for these – Williams & Williams, Hudson & Marshall, etc.  The video above was taken at a recent Williams & Williams auction.

To bid on these properties you don’t haveto do much more than above, but the closing timelines are less stringent:

A – Register prior online OR onsite the day of. If you want to bid online you must register typically 24 hours prior.

B – Show up and confirm registration.

C  - Bring a $2000 - $2500.00 check. The difference here is that if you are the winning bidder, you often have up to 30 days to close. So YES, you can use a loan at this type of auction.

Do your Homework:

In either case, remember that you are entering in a binding contract when you go to an auction. This means you’ve GOT TO:

  • Research physical condition of property, title issues, etc
  • Have financing lined up. Planning to visit with a Lender for the first time AFTER the auction could cost you a few grand.
  • If you can, hire a Realtor. On the bank Auctions discussed in #2 above, the Seller pays the Agent’s commission so you are NOT paying more to have an agent, but you get the benefit of a professional who knows the neighborhoods, contracts, property values and carries liability insurance in the event of a (heaven forbid) legal dilemma.
  • Set a limit or "lid" on what you're willing to bid. If you say $100k, don't get swept up in the excitement and pay $105k.

These auctions are exciting - REALLY exciting, just make sure you are prepared in advance. Feel free to call or email me direct with questions about the auction process: 435-862-8467 or

Basic Transcript: Greetings from Vernon Worthen Park! The St. George weather forecast for today is 101 and 73 - I can guarantee that the 73 has long passed.

So what do you do about your Bank of America loan? For starters, do NOTHING. Here is what I mean:

It is completely (and highly) possible that many homeowners with troubled Bank of America mortgages will do something dramatic like stop paying their mortgage or stop communications with the collections department. Whatever you've BEEN doing, keep doing it, then contact your Mortgage and Real Estate agents (especially those Short-selling) and say: "what is our plan?"

Been paying your mortgage? Keep doing so. Not been paying? Keep doing so. Banking (pun not intended) on the Government or any other entity to swoop in and save homeowners has proven an unpredictable proposition at best.

Any Realtor or Mortgage person worth their weight in salt can provide perspective and guidance, if not a firm plan of action. This is wonderful that Utah is taking the lead on this issue, but do you have ANY idea how many Attorneys B of A has working for them? I shudder to think.

Is it possible?

This injunction / legislation / lawsuit MAY stick, it may not, only time will tell. It's a VERY interesting development though and I see it as the first domino in a long line of similar actions that could dramatically change the face of the real estate landscape across the landscape.

If you don't have a Realtor or mortgage person you feel confident in, feel free to contact me by email or phone with any questions, just don't do anything crazy.

Do you have close friends or family who will be affected by this Bank of America mortgage stuff?

Full article from The Spectrum:

It's spring. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, birds & bees are busy pollenating, and the St. George Foreclosure Tour (a.k.a. the "REO Speedwagon) is once again setting sail. All in the natural sequence of nature.

Video of Labor Day 2009 Tour

Not surprisingly, when we first launched the tour in fall of 2008 there was quite a bit of publicity. Of course much of that was people saying things like, "those guys are a bunch of vultures preying on the misfortunes of regular people."

Not so. Not in any way, shape or form. What we have actually been doing is educating the buying public on how to find and purchase bank foreclosures. How translate all of the real estate jargon such as "REO", "NOD", "Short sale", etc and once again transform a once empty, abandoned and unkempt foreclosed property into a "home."

Making a Foreclosure a "Home" Again

We recently sold a Fannie Mae foreclosure in the beautiful Pine Brook subdivision in Green Valley.

Just a week after it closed I was driving through the area at about 8:30 in the morning. There was an RV in the driveway, lights on, newspaper on the porch - business and life as it once was, rather than an abandoned  house with the stigma of foreclosure hanging over it. I just LOVE that feeling!

You can GUARANTEE the neighbors were happy.

This inventory HAS to be bought up and inhabited by normal people in order to get our economy back in gear. We are proud to take part in it!

We have guests ranging from Elderly couples "checking out the market", to Sellers who are considering buying a foreclosure after the sale of their home, to young famililes contemplating leaving their rental for their first home. Regular folks, not a bunch of blood-sucking investors.

We ended up assisting some of our guests, John & Kay Besteman, in selling their Sun River home just a few months after the tour. Here is what John had to say:  

"I saw an ad for a "Foreclosure Tour" in the paper and took the tour. What impressed me about the tour was the organization and originality of the program and those who organized it. While we were on Tour as “Buyers”, Jeremy’s innovation impressed us so much that resulted in an invitation for the Larkin Group to present their plan to sell our house."  - John Besteman

With all of that said, the St. George Foreclosure Tour will once again be setting sail beginning this Friday March 15.

Not THIS REO Speedwagon.....

We will be touring 6-8 foreclosed properites this Friday. The tour is FREE, and are all are welcome! Just be sure to register ahead of time at

If you have specific questions, call Blake Bench (SUPER LENDER and "Mortgage Jedi") at 435-705-4128, or call me at 435-674-1442, or just email me:

Talkin' St. George Area Foreclosures

by Jeremy Larkin

There has been alot of talk about Washington County, Utah foreclosure rates - we're currently boasting the highest rate in the state! So I guess we now have the weather, national parks and foreclosures.....but I digress.

I spent an entire afternoon recently with Paul Foy, an Associated Press (AP) writer who came to town looking for the "foreclosure scoop." You can read the full version of the story HERE.

I think he was surprised at several things: 1 - just how many distressed properties there are around here, 2 - how "nice" many of the homes are, and 3 - that the community is still vibrant.

Of course it is, it's St. George! All sugar-coating aside, we have a terrible foreclosure problem that has affected nearly every person in the county, but has also brought with it INCREDIBLE buying opportunities....time to go shopping!

In this week's episode, I join forces with Bank of America's Blake Bench upon the shuttle to talk foreclosures, our upcoming foreclosure tour, and take a brief outside look at a HOT foreclosure that sold in 6 days. We even made a pit stop at In N' Out Burger!

Join us as we kick off the fall 2009 Foreclosure Tour season on September 5th. It is fun, short, FREE and should be enlightening! Details and registration at OR


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