Am I the only one who feels this way about Fall in St. George & surrounding areas? "How" do I feel you might ask? INCREDIBLE! This post is the perfect escape from the pain and suffering of the news, the economy, the election, etc. For this small moment in time we won't discuss real estate, ok?

There is just something that I love about this time of year, not that I have anything against Winter, Spring & Summer of course.

For me it begins with the way that in early September the sun starts to angle differently in the's fairly subtle and most people don't even notice it at first. By mid-October it comes in the windows in such a way that I just want to stop curl up on my best chair and read a book while basking in its' light.

Zion National Park in Fall

I never wait any later than mid-September to begin listening to Kurt Bestor's "Seasons" album...a veritable soundtrack to the Larkin Family fall. Listening to the tunes "Road Less Traveled" and "Hymn" while admiring the beauty of fall have a tranquilizing effect like nothing else I've experienced.

"Marathon Weekend" is the next date that I mark off as a Fall in Dixie rite of passage. With its' passing I know we are just weeks from what my brother Travis and I refer to as "Chamber of Commerce weather" know what I'm talking about.

Next we find ourselves into late October & early this time the river bottoms & surrounding Tamarisks turn a golden shade that just screams Autumn! While many regions have been into the throws of Autumn for several weeks, Halloween comes and truly signals the arrival of fall in a Desert climate like ours.

These are the days that a mid to late afternoon ride on my road bike puts me into an absolute state of tranquility and appreciation for nature (that I don't get any other time of year) as I ride the city trail system through these same river bottoms and Tamarisk groves.

In this same time frame you would be well served drive up "Airport Road" to the Cliffs above St. George and look East anytime in the late afternoon. This is the scene you might find on such a day:

Breathtaking, isn't it? You may recognize that photo from our homepage. We owe a good friend Larry Gardner a great deal for that photo. He took it from that exact spot near the airport after a fall rainstorm in the fall of 2003 or 2004. He titled the picture "Fall(in) in Love with Dixie."  Most appropriate.

For me the fall season is capped with the arrival of Thanksgiving and the annual tradition of throwing a football with family in the street outside our home. My Mother, aptly named "Dixie" puts on a sort of "Martha Stewart" Thanksgiving that has made it very easy to feel nostalgic about the season. Which reminds me, I need to ask my wife who's family we are eating with this year........but I digress. 

I know I'm getting a little sentimental here, but you haven't heard the HALF of poor wife has to listen to it all day long, and not just from ME!

My almost 9-year old Pierce says things like "what a beautiful sight" or "Dad, isn't it a beautiful day?" That's my boy!

Wow...I think I just nodded off at the keyboard! At 2:00 PM today you will find me and buddy Jon Sparks on our bicycles taking in the fall beauty, even if just for a single hour mixed into a crazy schedule of work, church & community service & families of 4 small children each.

What will you do to enjoy this remarkable season? Any fall traditions, memories or recipes? Tell us about it right here on the Dixie Real Estate Blog!