A May 8, 2009 Gallup Poll has uncovered some VERY interesting information about where Americans are headed with their heads and their wallets.

People were asked which of 4 common investment vehicles, (stocks, bonds, real estate, savings accounts), would be the best long-term strategy. Their answers?

34% said Savings Accounts, 33% said Real Estate. 

Not surprisingly, Savings Accounts ranked very low in the past when people day-trading on E-Trade in their pajamas thought they were the next Warren Buffet. This was of course also the same for Real Estate at the height of the boom.

If you could pass the "mirror test" in 2004-2006, (breathe on a mirror and see if it fogs up), you were making boat-loads of cash flipping real estate. In 2005 50% of Americans said they'd choose real estate for investment.

That said, the Savings Accounts portion of the poll is completely unremarkable since most people just want some safety these days, yet the real estate portion is very remarkable.

In a supposedly "bad" market, 33% of Americans say that's where they would put their hard-earned cash. Of course you may be thinking, "it's probably just a bunch of naive 1st-time Buyers thinking this is the next boom." If so, you'd probably be wrong. Just look at which demographic group most highly picks real estate:

The highest percentage of those who view real estate as the best option are those in the higher income bracket, made up of many saavy investors and other people with cash on hand.

 This report comes on the heels of an April 16, 2009 poll that showed 71% of Americans feeling like RIGHT NOW is the time to buy. (Video HERE.)

I am not a Financial Planner, CPA or any other version of a certified financial guru, but I like real estate because of the "tangible" nature of it. The world financial markets may crumble, but you can still enjoy your home or vacation property, or at least camp on it!

Just curious, where are the people you spend time with putting their money?

Full Gallup Poll Article here: http://www.gallup.com/poll/118300/Savings-Accounts-Real-Estate-Seen-Best-Investments.aspx