My business (and this industry) is heavily steeped in annual goals, projections, figures, etc. The good part about that is that it keeps us focused. The bad part is that after a year like 2008 you get to wake up Jan 1 and say "should we do it again or just move to an island?"

....this looks better than selling real estate.....

The Larkin Group has elected to go at it again. After serving 32  buyers & sellers in 2008 I decided to throw caution to the wind and shoot really high in 2009: we've committed to 60 transactions in 2009. Why not, isn't this a great real estate cycle we're in? heheheh..

Promotional plug: What that really means is this: There will be thousands of real estate transactions in the St. George area this year and about 90% will involve licensed agents. The Larkin Group takes a sincere interest in the well-being of their clients as as such, I feel very strongly that our services and market knowlege merit at least 60 of those sides and those who choose to work with us will be VERY GLAD THEY DID.

The video below is our "welcome" to the 2009 real estate year and contains some great information regarding:

-Our monthly Foreclosure Tours

-Millionaire Real Estate Investor classes

-and a short, POSITIVE story for all of you out there who need some inspiration to get going this year after a hellish economic 2008. Check it out and stay tuned for next week's video: "Timing the Market," a critical subject for would-be buyers & investors.