It's official! The profession of real estate is now (2-years running) considered the "least prestigious" profession according to the Harris Poll survey of 23 occupations. 

Guess who was first? No, not Priests,(they were #7). Firemen!  Everybody loves those hunky guys and gals, especially since 9/11.

It is also official that the real estate market in Washington County has become extremely complicated. Check this data out:

Nov 2005

Active Listings: 2870 - New Listings: 725 - Sold Listings: 446 - # of Mos. Inventory: 6.43

Nov 2007

Active Listings: 6044 - New Listings: 1074 - Sold Listings: 177 - # of Mos. Inventory: 34.15!!

WOW! We have really outdone ourselves. The good news is that even though I am in the least prestigious profession in the world, I get to share that honor locally with nearly 1600 others! The bad news? We also get to share the 177 sales.......ouch.

You see, the real difference between Realtors and Firemen, (besides them typically being stronger and more handsome than me), is that the Fireman actually have to DO something, BE something to qualify and get hired for the good jobs. You are probably aware that getting on the Las Vegas department is a tough job in and of itself and that only a few coveted positions come available every year.

This market will weed out a large number of part-time and unqualified real estate people for sure. However, I don't think we can ever solve this prestige & perception problem with real estate professionals until the standards required to get into the business are modified, the bar "raised" so to speak.  As you can imagine, it makes it really difficult for those of us taking our job seriously to be taken seriously.

Stay tuned for more about this market.....until then, let me know when they are hiring in Vegas again!